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Entries open September 1 - September 21, 2020

On Sunday 30th August our Founder Olivia shared on Instagram IGTV how she was planning to give back to our community as a token of gratitude for saving and supporting Shhh Silk since Covid-19 first hit back in March 2020. 

"When Covid first hit back in March I didn’t know what the future held for Shhh Silk... I’m so grateful to be in a position 5 months later to help someone launch the business of their dreams." 

The Shhh Silk $5,000 Business Start-Up Fund Includes:

  • Shopify theme up to $200
  • Shopify 12 month subscription $29USD a month =$348 USD ($475 AUD approx.)
  • Xero 12 month subscription - standard package $50 a month = $600
  • Canva 12 month subscription $13.99 a month = $168 a year
  • Planoly 12 month subscription $7 usd a month =$82 USD a year (Approx $111 aud)
  • 6 x 1:1 mentoring zoom sessions with https://www.spiritualgirlboss.com.au/ $900
  • Calm premium app $89.99 a year 

=$2,543.99 AUD

Plus a $2,500 prepaid Visa or MasterCard for stock / initial set up fees 

= Total fund value over $5,000

*This fund is not affiliated to any of the suppliers on this list. These are systems or services we use at Shhh Silk. 

How To Enter:

Submit a 3 minute video (shot on your smart phone or home camera, no fancy production video or special effects needed)

Submit your video via https://wetransfer.com/ to email: startupfund@shhhsilk.com between September 1 - September 21, 2020 AEST. 

The 3 minute video should outline the following:

- Who you are, a little bit about you. 

- Your new business idea. (or if you have an existing small business that has been affected or closed during Covid-19, your new idea of how to pivot / relaunch your business online)

- What this fund would mean to you.

- How you plan to use this business idea to give back to others / underlying     purpose driving your new business idea. 

The videos entries will not be shared on our social channels. Olivia and her team will be shortlisting 5 entries. The 5 shortlisted entrants will have a 15 minute zoom call with Olivia between 22 Sep - 29 Sep 2020. The winner of the Shhh Silk $5,000 Business Start-Up Fund will be invited to join Olivia for an IG Live on September 30 to share your winning idea with our community. 

Still have questions email: startupfund@shhhsilk.com