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Boar Bristle Hair Brush

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  • We’ve unlocked Rapunzel’s secret to her luscious locks and it’s not magic. She just used the right brush. You’re Welcome.

    How our hair brush works

    Our boar bristle hair brush is made from natural fibres, ensuring a firm comb through your hair, every time.

    Nylon Bristles
    The nylon bristles massage your scalp and stimulates blood circulation. Encouraging your hair to produce important natural oils and boosts hair growth for less breakage and healthier locks.

    Boar Bristles
    Boar hair bristles distribute these oils evenly down the length of each strand while removing excess. No more oily at the top and dry at the bottom.

    Using our natural bristle hair brush is the healthier choice for your hair. We want you to nourish your hair, not coat it with nasty hair products that dry out and damage your locks. Our commitment is to save your hair from frizz – get your boar bristle hair brush today and feel the difference.

  • A new hair brush is always a great start, but using it correctly will ensure your hair goes from strength to strength. Here’s our handy tips on how to get the luscious locks you’ve been dreaming about.
    * Use on dry hair.
    * Spend 2-5 minutes brushing repeatedly over hair
    * Brush from root to tip. This brush will not detangle hair but nourish it.
    * Remove caught hair from the brush regularly.
    * Run a comb through gently to remove excess hair.
    * Once a month rinse the bristles with cold water and a touch shampoo - it is hair after all.
    * Shake off excess water and let it dry fully with bristles pointing down.

How to wash:

1. The first thing that you want to do is remove any hair that is stuck in the bristles. take a regular comb at the sides of the brush, underneath the layer of hair at the bottom of the brush (I know this sounds gross, but it works!) and pull up, catching the hair in the comb. 
2. Once the extra, loose hair has been removed from the comb, fill a bowl with warm water, and squirt in a little bit of shampoo. Dip a toothbrush into the soapy water and rub the brush, making sure to get all of the crevices and bristles. This will remove any oil or dirt that has built up overuses. Also, clean the pad that is holding the bristles. If it is wooden, make sure that it is quick and only do as much as necessary, otherwise it will stain and the water will soak into the brush, causing the wood to rot later on. 
3. Rinse the toothbrush underwater again, and go over your brush once more. 
4. While you let the bristles air dry, dampen a cloth and clean the handle and back of the brush.

All your hair care accessories in one place

Shhh Silk offer a wide range of hair care accessories and other items, ensuring your locks stay long and lush. Buy your boar bristle hair brush online today and don’t forget to leave us a review!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Love it

Missed having a boar bristle brush ❤️ my hair is living for it 😂 thank you!

Boar bristle brush

OMG I simply live my brush set my hair feels amazing I brush it twice a day highly recommend

Pretty nice

I like it a lot. I have to be a lot more careful when brushing because it scratches my scalp like hell and hurts if I don't. But I love what it does to my terribly thin hair that always gets oily at the roots and dry at the ends.

Life changing brush

Can not rate it enough, almost want to buy another one in case mine dies! Gets all the knots outs without any pain. The brissles massage your scalp, helping with dandruff!!!! And it’s so cute!! Just need a cute holder I can put it on display!!!


Far too scratchy on scalp

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