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Ponytail Pro x Shhh Silk - CURLY HALO BLONDE SHADE F24/613 24"

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Create the illusion of longer, thicker hair in 30 seconds with our curly blonde 24-inch Hair Halo. Our lightweight Hair Halo sits comfortably on your head with an invisible wire, making it secure and undetectable. No clips, no glue and no damage, just effortless, longer, full-bodied hair. Made from high quality, heat resistant synthetic hair, our Halo’s can be washed, straightened and styled to achieve your desired look.  

How to use:

  1. Section off hair at the crown and tie into a bun
  2. Place hair halo on your head, with the invisible wire sitting on the crown of your head, where the hair is parted.
  3. Let your hair down from the bun and use a tail comb to blend and smooth hair over.