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Smudge Stick and Amethyst Crystal

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$1 of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice with i=Change®

    • Sage is used to cleanse your body, environment and crystals to remove negative energy. Our 20cm white sage smudge sticks are paired with an amethyst crystal which works to wash out toxic energies and infuse your space with positive vibes. Over time negative energy accumulates in your home and is also absorbed into your crystals. The white sage smudging ritual has been used for centuries to rid environments and objects of this negativity and restore it to a positive, balanced state.
    • 1. Open windows and doors to allow smoke and negative energy to flow out.
      2. Insert the amethyst crystal into the smudge stick by sliding it under the bounding strings.
      3. Use a flame to light one end of the smudge stick. Once the sick is lit, blow it out and allow smoke to flow.
      4. Walk around your home allowing the smoke to travel freely and negative energy to clear. Walk into the smoke to cleanse yourself. Hold crystals or another object in the path of the smoke to cleanse.
    • Includes
      1 x Sage Smudge Stick
      Size: 20cm / 8”

      1 x Amethyst Crystal
      Size: 4-7cm / 1-3”